Portable Silent Nebulizer: Mini Handheld Inhaler for Kids and Adults

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Say goodbye to the discomfort and inconvenience of respiratory ailments with our state-of-the-art Portable Silent Nebulizer. Designed to be your trusted companion for respiratory treatments, this mini handheld inhaler is suitable for kids, adults, and even the elderly. Boasting a host of impressive features, including quiet operation, low power consumption, and effortless atomization, our nebulizer offers unparalleled comfort and ease of use. Whether you're battling cold, cough, asthma, or other respiratory conditions like bronchitis or rhinitis, this nebulizer's micron atomization ensures efficient delivery of medication directly to the affected areas, ensuring rapid relief. From its dual power options, allowing you to choose between USB cable or AA batteries, to the self-cleaning mechanism that prevents clogging, this nebulizer is designed to cater to your every need. Say hello to hassle-free and effective respiratory treatment with our Portable Silent Nebulizer.


Portable Silent Nebulizer Key Features:

  1. Quiet and Portable, Low Power: The nebulizer operates quietly and is highly portable, making it ideal for use on-the-go. It consumes low power, maximizing battery life.

  2. Effective Treatment, Low Residual: The device ensures effective atomization with small particles, resulting in low residual medicine.

  3. Fluid Low Noise Design: The nebulizer features a fluid low-noise design, ensuring a peaceful treatment experience.

  4. DC Power/AA Batteries: Users have the option to power the nebulizer using DC power (USB cable) or 2 AA batteries for convenience when away from an outlet.

  5. Supports Various Medications: The nebulizer is compatible with tap water, normal saline, and medications soluble in water.

Additional Features:

  • Atomization is Very Comfortable: The device offers a large amount of atomization with small particles, ensuring a comfortable treatment process.

  • Self-Cleaning to Prevent Clogging: The nebulizer has an automatic cleaning mode to prevent clogging. Long-press the power button for 3-4 seconds to activate this feature.

  • Medicine Spoilage Prevention: The nebulizer operates without heating up, ensuring medications are not spoiled by high temperatures.

  • One-Click Operation: The nebulizer can be easily operated with a single touch of the on/off key, making it suitable for use by children as well.

  • Cold Laser Technology: Utilizing cold laser technology, the nebulizer creates atomized holes of about 1-3 μm, enabling easy absorption of the micron atomized particles into the respiratory tract.

  • Micron Atomization: The micron atomized particles reach the respiratory tract, trachea, alveolus, and affected parts of the lower respiratory tract, facilitating better absorption of the medication.

  • Two Masks Included: The package includes two masks—one for adults and the other for children—as well as a mouthpiece for customized use.

How to Use:

Using the Portable Silent Nebulizer is simple and user-friendly. Press the on/off key for instant atomization. The device can be conveniently powered through the included USB cable or by inserting 2 AA batteries. For optimal results, ensure the medicine cup is tightly attached to the main unit during use. After each treatment session, clean the medicine cup with ethyl alcohol and warm water as instructed for effective maintenance.

Experience the ease of respiratory relief with this Portable Silent Nebulizer - Your reliable companion for managing respiratory ailments effectively and comfortably.


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