- Household Cleaning Liquid Bleach, 3-In-1 High-Performance Multisurface and Multipurpose Laundry, Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner - Regular (32.12 Oz)


Scent: Regular
Number of Items: 1
Size: 32.12 Fl Oz (Pack Of 1)
Sale price$1.86

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  • Triple Smart Action - Stain remover, cleaner and deodorizer, Cloralen's 3-in-1 all-purpose cleaner can be used throughout your entire home from daily laundry needs to a kitchen degreaser or for bathroom counter cleaning
  • Cleaning Clothes - Our bleach liquid ultra gel combines the cleaning power of bleach with a no-splash high-performance gel formula. Our laundry bleach will whiten, brighten, and deep clean tough heavy stains, yet gentle on the life of your clothing
  • Fantastic Kitchen Cleaner - Our powerful, high-quality multi surface cleaner will breakdown grease, dust, stains, and unwanted scum on contact. An ideal kitchen grease cleaner after cooking and a must for your kitchen cleaning supplies
  • Bathroom Cleaning Products - Eliminate hard soap scum, stains, grim, and bad odors with ease. Use our multipurpose cleaner on a sink, bath, shower, toilet, countertop, or the bathroom floor
  • Fresh Scent Products - Now fighting dirt and odors will smell better. Our multisurface cleaner has an awesome smell that will deodorize and leave your house smelling fresh, fantastic and clean

Chose CLORALEN® Max Concentrated Bleach Gel for a no-mess cleaning experience. It’s great for use anywhere in your home or your laundry. This high-performing solution is equipped with a no splash pour. Its powerful formula whitens, brightens, and deep cleans for effective everyday use in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. It’s safe to use in standard and High-Efficiency washing machines. Refresh your home with the cleaning power of CLORALEN®.