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Eliminate ear wax blockages with this safe and effective electric earwax remover. It features 4 water pressure levels ranging from 7 - 24.5 PSI, plus 5 LED lights for clear observation of the ear canal. 10 disposable soft ear tips are included for hygiene. Enjoy a thorough clean without damaging the sensitive skin of your ears.

electric ear wax removal

Electric Ear Wax Removal Features:

  • Safe & Effective Ear Wax Removal
    1. Recommended by the American Academy of Otolaryngology as the safest way to remove earwax at home.
    2. Gently cleans your ears without damaging the skin to remove earwax, dirt, and debris.
    3. Ideal for people who suffer from ear infections.
  • The Four Powers
  1. Electric ear irrigation system with four water pressure levels (7 - 24.5 PSI) to choose from.
  2. Choose from normal, soft, plush, or strong settings to suit your needs.
  3. Stronger and more effective than other ear cleaners without inefficient ear washing operations.
  • Unique Observation Design
      1. Ear cleaning kit with 5 LED lights to observe the ear canal more clearly.
      2. Continuously monitor ear irrigating processes to prevent damage to the eardrum.
      3. Ear tip can be easily replaced to avoid infection caused by different people, more hygienic.
      4. Includes 10 replaceable disposable soft ear tips.
    • Convenient and Cost-effective
      1. Clean your ears thoroughly at home without having to pay a lot of money to a doctor.
      2. 500ml large refillable bottle has 50 percent more liquid than others.
      3. Gravity ball-weighted straw that moves with the liquid lets you clean your ears from any angle.
    • Complete Ear Cleaning System
      1. Includes electric earwax cleaning kit, 500ml water bottle, ear catch basin, disposable soft ear tips, absorbent ball, cleaning cloth, and instruction manual.
      2. Professional ear care seller with many years of research experience on the principles of the ear canal.
      3. If you have any questions about our ear canal cleaner wax irrigation kit, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

    electric ear cleaner

    How to Electric Ear Cleaner

    1. Fill the water bottle with warm water.
    2. Choose the appropriate ear tip and attach it to the irrigation tool.
    3. Turn on the electric ear cleaner and select the desired water pressure level.
    4. Place the ear tip gently into your ear canal and let the water flow to flush out the earwax.
    5. Use the included cleaning cloth to wipe the ear tip and the ear catch basin to clean them after use.

    Who can use it:

    1. Anyone looking for a safe and effective way to remove earwax at home.
    2. People who suffer from ear infections and want to clean their ears safely.
    3. Professionals looking for a reliable and efficient tool for ear cleaning.

    electric ear wax removal kit

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